Stella magazine issue 11

The terrific twos..

This issue, Stella turns two and we would like to hereby forthwith dedicate this issue to all of our creative contributors, our advertisers, and you – our lovely readers. 

We are delighted to introduce to you Naomi Bukalidi, this issue’s beautiful mind, featured on our cover in Fijian design-duo Mere & Robert’s 2014 collection – which incidentally, celebrates the significance of the pandanus in our island lifestyles.

Also in this issue we share the creative and entrepreneurial cleverness of milliner Nora Ellen, designer Cecilia Peterson Keil, olive oil producer Nini Wooff, artist Léuli Eshragi, and four charming Papua New Guinean jewellers at House of Gemini.

Celebrating our rich island heritage is simply becoming too much fun to actually call work. Hats off to everyone who has pushed us this far!!

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